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Contemporary Homes

We create contemporary home designs, as well as expansions and refurbishments, ensuring compliance with all local government guidelines, planning, and construction standards. Our approach involves coordinating with experts like structural engineers, geotechnical professionals, and land surveyors, and includes the preparation and submission of documents for Town Planning approval and Building Permits.

We craft sharp, pristine lines in our architecture, incorporating cutting-edge materials and finishes. Our designs include a harmony of layers, illumination, and shadows that are tailored to reflect your individual taste.

Contemporary Home Design Altona

We used Dianne for both building and interior design. Ours is a unique home with a very particular style that could have gone one of two ways - totally faux or authentic - and with Dianne's input it turned out as I had imagined it in my mind. authentic and beautiful!

Carolyn Dean (Client, 2016)

Traditional Home Designer Altona

Traditional Homes - Home Designer Altona

When it comes to historic residences, we integrate new areas smoothly into the current structure and backstory of your property, allowing for a contemporary way of living within meticulously crafted spaces that pay attention to the dimensions, size, and original ceiling measurements.

We incorporate traditional design elements like characteristics of windows and doors, contours of roofs and drainage systems, entrance canopies, double doors, and covered outdoor galleries which facilitate contemporary living spaces that extend indoors to outdoors. Establishing a connection between the inside and the outside is crucial—it generates sightlines and practical entryways to outdoor areas, as is typically desired in modern living.