When meeting with a client for the first time, we establish a relationship and a line of communication that suits all of us. This continues throughout the whole project but the first meeting concentrates on establishing a ‘brief’ – a clients wants and needs, so that their expectations are clear from the start.

Dianne has been a pleasure to deal with. She listens and works with your visions during the planning stage and is always willing to provide her views and recommendations when there's a better way of doing things.

Andrew Fawcett
Client (2018)
Building Design Process - Sketching


Once the site or house existing conditions are established ( often a land survey or complete house measure), we start the process of preliminary sketch design, taking into account all aspects of the brief, the site and planning/building permit requirements.

We inject the clients dreams, to make it their own. This process might be short, but it might also be longer – it is all about achieving the best design, not the first design.

Presentation to Client

Once the designs are shared with a client, they are often ‘tweaked’ into a final design concept, and are ready for the documentation stage. This includes all internal layouts, exterior elevations (windows/roof design) relationships to outdoor spaces, finishes and materials.

Building Design Process - Presentation to Client
Building Design Process - Documentation


Town Planning
Each council is different, so the time taken to document and achieve permits can vary, suburb by suburb, even street by street. Even though we design to RESCODE (Planning code) each council has individual guidelines which also have to be followed and incorporated. We liaise with the Planners and other associated consultants during this process.

Building permit
Once a Planning permit is issued, the building permit process begins. This is an extension of the planning drawings, adding more details, structural engineering specifications, electrical and lighting layouts and finishes and fittings schedules. Often an energy report is required, so we incorporate all recommendations to make sure that your home achieves the highest rating it can.

Interior Design

Interior Design is what brings the home to life, how we express the way we want to live and feel. Each interior is custom designed to meet the clients style – no two are the same. Design styles can range from traditional, eclectic mix to modern clean lines.

Every finish and material is hand selected from a wide range of samples in our office, as well as having access to national and international design and material suppliers. We can select furniture, soft furnishings, rugs and lighting to compliment your home and your lifestyle, making it truly your own.

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